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Why Keep Your Things Safe Under The Radar

Diversion Safes

I got a surprising telephone call from my sister one early morning. Her house had been broken into while she was spending a trip out of town with her fiancé. Her jewelry, hidden within her drawer, had been wiped out.

Learning from her experience, I thought of buttressing our home with advanced home safety products although I could hardly find the money for it. Luckily, I encountered a variety of decoy safes or diversion safes while browsing on the web.

Not like the conventional safe, which is generally made of steel as well as costs a fortune, these kinds of decoy safes are hidden as regular goods. The disguises are products commonly seen within the house to ensure that whenever a burglar sees them, he would feel that they are ordinary house items.

While sorting through various diversion safes, I was struck right away with an idea. I purchased an Ajax household cleaner safe to hide my important jewelry. Along with other cleaning products, it is unnoticeable and strategically placed.

Since I tend to get locked out of the house a lot, I got a stone safe so that I could use it to hide the front door key. It may be an old trick to hide a key beneath a rug or rock however this one hides it within. When an intruder thinks that a key is hidden underneath it, he will be disappointed to discover nothing there.

A wall socket safe is one more favorite of mine. Who would think to check out an innocent-looking electrical outlet and risk becoming electrocuted? That is exactly why I feel assured about concealing our weekly allowance and an emergency credit card inside it.

Home robbers will devote only a couple of minutes ransacking a house. They have their target spots where to seek out valuables. When those possessions are hidden inside covert hiding safes instead, their time will be up before they can find anything.

I find decoy safes or diversion safes the perfect hiding locations for the small but expensive items that I hold dear. Housebreakers can be ruthlessly thorough so I am pleased to be well prepared for that.

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