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Where Can I Carry Pepper Spray?

I was robbed near my office one evening roughly a month ago. It is a great thing that some people appeared around the corner and therefore the mugger went away. I told myself that I had better begin lugging a self-defense spray everywhere I went.

But I was not even certain if this was legal. In which states was pepper spray illegal? I had to know first.

I learned that Michigan, where I live and work, permits pepper spray containing not more than 10 percent oleoresin capsicum, its active ingredient. And, as long as I use one each time physical force is justified, I’m all right.

In the event that I pay a visit to my home state of New York, it’s a slightly different story. Over there, citizens can get pepper spray only from locally accredited firearms traders or licensed pharmacists. I would need to leave my defense spray back in Ann Arbor and purchase a different one as soon as I reach Manhattan.

Much like in New York, the people of Massachusetts can purchase self-defense sprays only within the state from licensed gun traders. So, I can’t bring mine over there on business travels, either.

Meanwhile, similar to Michigan, Wisconsin in which my cousin stays allows pepper spray with just 10 percent oleoresin capsicum. Furthermore, its contents have to weigh from 15 to 60 grams only. What is more, it can’t be disguised and it must have a safety switch. The spray range can’t be over twenty feet, or less than 6 feet. The content label must have the maker’s phone number and mention that the product isn’t for sale to those under 18.

I always consider the usual security precautions wherever I head out – avoid dark areas, watch my back, things like that. I now also carry around my pepper spray everywhere.

Even though there was no state in which I found pepper spray illegal inside America, a few have restrictions. I just need to know the laws on its use inside each city or state that I visit, which is great considering that I feel much safer having one wherever I go.

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