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Ways To Continue To Be Risk-free Using New Pepper Spray Types

Many of us think that we will never be targets of violence. I have to confess that I was one of those people and it was pretty naïve of me to believe that. When my closest friend was assaulted while walking home from a party one night, I woke up from my little bubble.

Fortunately, my best friend survived the assault with a handful of cuts and bruises but, for certain, he was scarred for life. From that point onwards, I realized that I had to stay safe. One of our other friends suggested that we check out pepper spray guns.

I knew that pepper sprays were quite popular for self-defense use. The reality that a single spray to the target’s face will give an unbearable pain in the face and eyes shows just how effective it is. This pain will take the assailant down for a brief time.

Debilitation generally lasts for a couple of minutes, which is enough time for me to escape from the dangerous situation. Pepper spray guns are not intended for picking a fight however are for the purpose of being able to escape danger.

The reason for this is that just about all gun pepper sprays are non deadly weapons. Defense sprays won’t cause any kind of long term harm to the target since the effects are simply temporary.

Pepper spray guns are ideal since these are not merely strong but will certainly scare off the assailant with their gun shape. I chose to search on the web to look at my choices.

One that I ran across was the Mace pepper gun. It supposedly works from any angle and will spew 7 blasts from around 25 feet away. Using its LED light, I will be in a position to aim far better at the target and also disorient him momentarily.

Pepper spray guns are certainly helpful for remaining protected. Not only did I want to buy one for myself but for my pals and family, as well. First of all, though, I checked out the pepper spray regulations in my area first.

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