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Very Simple Security And Safety Solutions For Young Urban Professionals

Soon after finishing college I acquired a job within a software firm as one of their programmers. Since my workplace was in Silicon Valley I had simply no option but to move out of our household and rent a nearby condominium instead.

Several weeks just before I would leave Washington my father lectured me on personal security and also how essential it was to be prepared. He suggested that I furnish my home and myself with apt security alarms to inform me of any troubling situation.

I followed my fathers recommendation that directed me to search online shops for burglar alarms that could perform the task at hand. On my search I stumbled upon a UFO personal and home alarm and decided to give it a try.

The home alarm which I bought included an alligator clip short and long wrist straps a key chain as well as a small screwdriver for easy set up. The alligator clip with the wrist straps serve as the alarms trigger. And once its removed a 120 dB alarm is going to be broadcast instantly for everybody to hear.

What caught my interest was how these kinds of alarms could possibly be used both personally and also at home. To add this is a home security tool that appears like a regular UFO toy making my possible attackers think that it wont cause them problems.

Its a versatile alarming product because I could take it around or put it up at home. Within my bag it could are a personal alarm and also an emergency flashlight. Whether it is set up in the house it can become an effective home alarm which will signal me whenever another person tries to force my doors windows and also storage spaces open.

After several weeks of having one around I realized that alarms are simple yet effective devices for improving the security of my home and other belongings.

Buying a home security alarm for my personal safety was among the best pieces of advice my dad has offered me. Personally I think it is proof that your parents really know what is good for you.

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