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Utilizing A Self-Defense Tool That Can Offer Protection To Yourself In Every Possible Condition

Working and residing in the city can often make you jaded particularly if you come from a close-knit neighborhood where all people is nice to their neighbors. A couple weeks back my neighbors down the hall towards my apartment reported a break-in. Their laptops and TV set together with some money and jewelry that were lying around were taken.

Our building superintendent advised us to obtain some form of home security unit. I searched on the net for a good purchase and stumbled on a keychain alarm that I wanted.

This particular security alarm serves many uses. You can make use of it as either a burglar alarm by hanging the alarms band on your door knob or on a hook nearby the window. You may then place the closed spring blades between the door or window and its frame. When a burglar opens up the door or window the alarm is going to produce a sound and its strobe light is going to flash.

The ruckus caused by the home alarm will be more than enough to wake you and also your neighbors up and to alert you that something is amiss.

This device also works as a personal alarm. Whenever you are alone you can just keep the alarm in your hand or attach it to your bag. Whenever you sense danger you can press the panic button to be able to activate the alarm. If you want extra effects you can pull out the insulation plug for a blaring alarm as well as some flashing lights.

Soon after reading about exactly what it offers I bought the UFO personal and home alarm. It offers all the above features and could even be utilized as an alarm to be able to secure your cupboards and also drawers where you store important things as well as your bag.

I bought the white unit that appeared like the best option for an ordinary-looking keychain. The package also included a short and long wrist band and also an alligator clip which is the one you put between doors/windows and their frames.

With a multifunctional keychain alarm I feel safer even without a self-defense device on hand.

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