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Use Of Basic Devices To Be Able To Scare Off Vandals

Throughout homeroom and breaks I occasionally come upon my own second graders role-playing as their favorite characters. I believe that their idols vary every month. Currently it is The Avengers. Several months back it was the Transformers. Just before that they were acting to be ninjas and also samurais.

As usual Im astounded by the creativity of these young minds. When they were playing at samurais and ninjas I noticed that they were utilizing crude paper cut-outs as 6 point throwing stars during their pretend fights.

I was especially amused by this because I as well as a kid had a keen interest in ninjas. This childhood desire resurfaced the moment I was browsing online in search of the right security device which I can use for self-defense in the home and came across ninja stars.

A group of vandals had decided to make nightly outings to our community breaking windows and street lights spraying paint on cars and such. We would call the cops to deal with them however they always came right back.

I made a decision to take things into my very own hands. I had to do something to be able to discourage them from visiting our own street. However confronting them head on would just aggravate them and make me and also my house a target of theirs.

I thought that I had to make a move covertly. I thought to frighten them off ninja-style. I went back on the net and bought a set of four 2-inch mini professional edged steel throwing stars.

With (I must admit) unconcealed childish pleasure I spent ample time practicing with my own ninja throwing stars. I was surprised at exactly how simple it was to utilize the steel ninja stars. Right after only 2 weeks I made a decision to put them to use finally.

When the vandals came as usual I aimed on their spray containers from the upstairs window with my 6 point throwing stars. I even nicked one of them in the calf. Surprised by the enemy whom they couldnt see they ran away. I have not seen them since.

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