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Tips On How To Keep Your Own Grocery Store Safe From Criminals

As store administrator of a grocery store for six years and counting Ive come across my share of shoplifters. What I have yet to encounter though is a grocery store stickup.

The supermarket burglary over the next town recently worried all supermarket proprietors and also workers in the city. More security guards were employed and also additional surveillance cameras were installed. My own boss informed me to buy a professional metal detector for every one of the stores four security guards.

A security metal detector is used to sense metal objects just like knives and also blades. It may also nose out medium-sized firearms as well as prohibited drugs covered with foil.

I looked for a number of hand-held metal detectors on the net to check out each of their own capabilities. The moment I came upon a list of Garrett security metal detectors I knew that I would be obtaining one of them.

I consulted my boss and the stores security guards about their thoughts on the utilization of a tactical hand-held detector or THD. It is a highly sensitive security metal detector. Its detection panel works for 360 degrees. That is any part of the detection area could detect a nearby metal thing.

It also carries a built-in flashlight that can be utilized for evening operations as well as whenever there is just a little level of light available. To avoid making a possible robber escape once he or she is discovered as having a dangerous item at hand a THD vibrates silently and flashes a red LED alarm indicator to warn the guard.

I made an order for 4 THD units and asked that they be shipped quickly to the grocery store. Upon their delivery I released one tactical metal detector for each security guard and also provided them a debriefing on what to do should they find a dangerous weapon.

With professional metal detector devices to boost our security-camera-ready premises the grocery stores chances of being held up at gunpoint have been significantly decreased.

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