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Tips On How To Give Protection To Yourself Against Wild Bears

Being a ranger employed by one of the largest national parks within the country Im responsible for protecting and also preserving the park and its surrounding forest. My work takes me deep into the forests in which I inspect and document my findings.

Throughout my work I often come across wild bears looking for food or tending to their young. Normally they are peaceful but sometimes they may mistake you for a predator and confront you. For circumstances just like these I have a bear repellent.

Its a self-defense spray just like pepper spray and functions in the same way but it is meant for use on bears. Its purpose is to drive the bear away in order that you can get away.

The effects do not cause any permanent harm and fade away in order that the bear can rejoin its population. However its not safe for use on humans. The use of bear spray can decrease the risk of permanent damage and also loss of life among bears and humans as well.

I encounter several different species of bears while on patrol so I carry a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent. It is registered solely with the EPA as a repellent that is effective against all species of bears and is eco-friendly.

My patrol routes take me along several of the more popular hiking trails. The bears typically avoid these areas as there is not much food available. However in the summertime they are seen to roam out onto the trail.

My fellow rangers and I were taught to keep our distance from bears particularly when being confronted by one. The bear pepper spray that I carry helps me with this since it is effective up to 20 feet.

Throughout the years I have seen many park rangers and hikers saved because of the use of bear repellent spray. I find it to be a very helpful tool for wildlife professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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