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Things To Remember Whenever On The Lookout For The Best Hiding Areas For Your Valued Things

As newlywed couples years ago my husband and I encountered being robbed inside our home. They took a laptop and $5000 cash that we thought was concealed very well within a desk drawer. We learned our lesson and now keep our emergency funds inside an inconspicuous water bottle diversion safe.

Banking institutions are the most dependable places to keep cash. At times though its so simple to utilize that funds whenever youve got a debit card as well as little impulse control inside the mall. That is our struggle which is the reason why we save cash in the house.

As renters we didnt would like to install a wall safe as well as looked for various other options. We considered a house safe which can be concealed within our cabinet but we realized that is where thieves would look next immediately after a desk drawer.

We bought a number of diversion safes right after the break-in. These are safes that are designed to look like common items with the intention of deceiving burglars into believing that there is nothing of value inside.

We transferred from that first home a year later only to be robbed again in our second household! However on this occasion our belongings were safe. Aside from the safe appearing as a water bottle we had things hidden all over the house.

A safe which seems like a can of Maxwell House Coffee sitting in my pantry held my mothers jewelry. A few shelves beneath that sat a fruit cocktail can safe that kept about $8000 in funds money we were keeping for a trip to Europe.

It was upsetting to have the house violated again yet fortunately we didnt lose very much. Our hidden safes stored our most precious things intact.

We have gone for the third time this time out of the city and bought a Doberman. To date weve not had any burglaries happen. But even though they did I am sure that my water bottle diversion safe as well as its coffee can and fruit cocktail brethren would conceal our most valued items effectively.

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