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The Most Effective Technique Of Protecting Yourself From Danger

I have constantly believed that the best weapon for self defense is anything that you currently have at the moment. It could be your own bag your own cell phone or that ballpoint pen in your shirt pocket. Lets face it. Even though you have the best gun or hunting knife it will not do you any good if it is locked up within your own closet the moment when you need it right?

Thus as a personal protection trainer I carry a couple of somewhat harmless weapons about me constantly. The very first reason is I must show my students that they could make use of similar-shaped objects for self defense purposes and the next reason is that I do live in a not-so-friendly portion of Saskatchewan.

One of my favorite tools is the kubotan. In other styles of martial arts its also called a palm stick or dulo dulo. It is basically a small stick made of either wood or metal that can be used as a keychain so that (1) people dont forget to take it with them constantly and (2) they can carry it around inconspicuously.

Several men and women prefer the wooden palm sticks. I like the aluminum type simply because it is shinier and easier to find in low light conditions.

Both are quite versatile either way. It doesnt matter if your enemies are bigger. You could hurt them with a jab on strategic nerve points within the soft tissues and also escape unharmed.

I recall that one of my students had an aggressive date. He grabbed her from behind and wouldnt hear the word no. So she poked him in the eye using the palm stick and left.

You can effectively hit bony parts with it really hard as well like the shin or perhaps the jaw. And if youre within striking distance your own kubotan can stabilize your fist when you punch that nose.

Now always keep in mind that the best weapon for self defense would still be useless if you dont have the presence of mind to make use of it.

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