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The Key Reason Why I Favor Making Use Of Disguise Safes Compared To Storage Safes

Before I left home to go to college my father bought me a small drawer safe. He said that I needed one to hold important stuff like money necessary IDs and the bracelet and earrings that my mom gave me soon after graduating.

He was correct. I live in a dorm. Other than sharing the room with one more lady my buddies and my roommates friends often go to our room for some girl bonding.

There are days when my roommate invites people over when I am not around and I do the very same thing any time she is not around. We never lock our door. It is difficult to keep track of people entering our room.

I had no problem with this arrangement until I found out one day that somebody had stolen my money from the safe which I placed in my drawer. The thief picked the safes keyhole lock and got all the things. I was just pleased that I was using on that day the bracelet and earrings my mother gave me. Or else I would have lost those also.

I thought about what could possibly drive another person to go so far as to pick the lock of my safe. And then I found that the thief was drawn to the safe for one very simple reason: it was a safe!

A safe screams that something of worth is hidden inside and its the very first place a thief would look. I made a decision that I needed a cleverer hiding area for my belongings. That was precisely how I learned about diversion safes.

A diversion safe looks like an ordinary thing like a book or a canister of chips with a hidden compartment inside where you can conceal your things. It is a safe in disguise as it blends effectively with the other things on my desk. Who would imagine that a pair of expensive earrings was concealed in a book for example?

I bought diversion safes and threw out my drawer safe. Now I keep important items in plain sight of our dorm visitors and they dont even know it.

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