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The Ease Of Possessing A Multipurpose Self-Defense Weapon

Whenever things are frantic where you work and you normally finish up late you probably always have to get your car in a dim parking zone. Furthermore you might need to undertake your errands late into the evening.

In case you fear for your protection owning a stun flashlight will relieve your nerves a whole lot. This stun gun works out simply like any regular stun gun but with the added functionality of a light.

Why count on an ordinary flashlight to light your way when you can use a flashlight stun gun? Not only will it provide you with lighting but also shield you against threat. If there is no need yet to electrically stun another human being the blinding light from the stun flashlight can be your first line of security.

One of the most valuable functions of a stun flashlight is its ability to emit a bright light that should be strong enough to momentarily blind an opponent. If that isnt sufficient to deter an assault you can always make use of the stun guns powerful voltage to stop an attacker. A flashlight stun gun can be a low voltage or high voltage stun gun.

Flashlight stun guns are available at 8 inches to 16.5 inches long. Several are made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic to make them lightweight as well as handy. The size could be an advantage because you can distance yourself from an enemy but still make an accurate shot.

A stun flashlight is a non fatal device. It isnt meant to bring in long term injury to an assailant. When touched by one anyone may go through a short-term mental and also physical imbalance. He will be unable to move for 15 to 45 minutes which is more than sufficient period for you to run away danger.

A few flashlight stun guns are also furnished with an alarm. When youre placed in a damaging scenario you could switch on the alarm to notify the people nearby. In the process you might also be able to frighten the attacker off.

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