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Suggestions Regarding How To Effectively Give Protection To Yourself Versus Attacks

Considering the numerous crime occurrences that are taking place today it is becoming extremely important for me to carry my pepper spray along. I do not want to take any kind of chances. Before somebody could get near me and attempt to do something bad I possibly could spray Mace onto his face and run for my life.

Defense sprays are useful that way. Several weeks ago someone jumped me out of nowhere and attempted to snatch my bag away.

Thanks to fairly quick reflexes I was capable of getting my Mace hard case pepper spray from my very own pocket. It weighed only 11 grams and was really light that it was no trouble to grab and also handle.

Small pepper sprays can save lives in spite of their sizes. No one would know that I possess one with me. The moment someone assaults me he would be stunned and if I have my way he would be disabled briefly.

On that night my mini pepper spray proved to be very important. And I’m lucky that I place it repeatedly inside one of my pockets. For a few minutes the attacker was too incapacitated to move.

My strong pepper spray has five one-second bursts which can be used even when the target is ten feet from its user. I was some three feet from the mugger at the time and was still able to let it be spurted onto his face.

Throughout the skirmish I saw that the assailant could hardly open his own eyes after getting hit with my self-defense spray. He was coughing and he was struggling for breath. Fortunately for him pepper spray is a non-lethal tool which causes temporary injury only to the recipient.

By the moment that I saw how weak he was I seized the opportunity to run away as fast as I could and go to the closest police precinct. I’m very grateful that I had the chance to spray Mace onto the thug as that saved my own life.

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