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Suggestions On How To Safeguard Yourself In A Risky Kind Of Work

I am employed as a fixer for reporters. They give me a subject of interest. I collect the needed contacts do the necessary calls and emails and organize the needed meetings so that they could write on that topic which is often an individual or a trending news event.

As you can imagine though as a lot of individuals like me as loathe me. I am somebody who has to watch my back all the time and my front and sides. Whatever the case I have got a whopping 50000 Taser volts positioned between me as well as any hater of mine.

Research is what I mainly do for a living thus I know that the Taser is the only stun gun out there that is a ranged weapon too. For that matter police studies peg it to be a faster disabling device than a 9-mm. handgun.

A throw-away cartridge packed into a Taser consists of compressed nitrogen and shoots out a number of small projectiles connected to the unit by wires a length of 15 feet. You are able to ward off any kind of hostility coming from that much safe range.

In case danger is in close proximity then it functions as a close-quarter stun gun without any need to let fly the wires. Furthermore I can aim with better precision utilizing my Taser C2 with laser sight and also let the light confuse the enemy briefly.

Contemporary electro-muscular disruption technology allows the Taser C2 to prevail over the recipient of electrical shock no matter what his endurance to physical pain. This is used with proven stun gun technology to avoid irreparable harm from being caused.

That is the electrical energy results in paralysis and confusion although the effects are non-lethal as well as short-term. These peter out within some thirty minutes and you ought to seize this opportunity to run off and seek out assistance.

As I begin my somewhat dangerous work having a means to send some incapacitating Taser volts towards the body of an enemy yet not fatally provides me with a little more bravery. The news is vital and someone simply needs to perform the dirty work.

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