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Suggestions Concerning How To Guarantee Your Kids Security In College

My daughter is going to be going off to college in the fall. When she stated that she wanted to go to UCLA my spouse and I were a bit surprised. We assumed that shed go to the state university to be nearer to home.

To be able to get ready for our childs imminent leaving and to ensure her safety now that shed be far away from us I looked up the alternatives on the net for a personal alert safety system which she could bring along with her to California.

Normally a small piece of equipment a personal alarm can bring in the attention of passersby or anybody close to you the moment you activate it when you are being attacked.

Because it is generally portable you can bring it with you anywhere be it to a football game on a road trip to the shopping mall or anywhere you can think of.

I stumbled upon a 115dB door stop alarm which my daughter could use inside her dorm room. Whenever an intruder opens the door the alarm will be set off. Its motion sensor with sensitivity settings and all will also set off the alarm if another person tampers with it.

On the internet I came across too an aerosol alarm the sound of which would be heard from a range of a quarter of a mile. It possesses thirty short blasts making it fine to push the activation button twice or thrice just in case you see no one coming to your aid right after the first screech.

Then there was a keychain alarm with light. It emits a 130dB alarm and a pulsating light when turned on. The alarm blares out if you press the button on top of the unit or when the pin attached to the key chain is tugged. It is also perfect for late-night walks as it doubles as a flashlight without the deafening sounds. Ultimately I acquired this security alarm.

When we assisted our daughter relocate to her dorm I gave her along with pieces of advice my selected personal alert safety system that I feel she could use wherever she goes.

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