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Subduing An Opponent Regardless Of Whether Near Or Far

A huge key to the pull of stun guns as personal weapons is truly the palpable approach in which they administer self-defense. Considering that shooting stun guns straight at the bad guys require contact, you could practically see, hear, smell and taste the attack being halted.

In this regard, one stun gun is as beneficial as any other. Where the TASER parts ways along with all the rest is with cutting an attacker short from far away. The TASER alone could get into short-range and long-range fight alike.

Normally, firing stun guns out just does the job in case the targets are inside arm’s reach. It is so that the 2 prongs sticking out from the unit in your hand can easily touch the intended body to bombard the nervous system with electric shock.

On the other hand, loaded into a TASER is a throw away cartridge keeping compacted nitrogen that would hurl its set of tiny darts by way of wires 15 feet long, which are exactly how the darts are attached with the gadget in the first place.

Not merely would you be firing stun guns from inches away but in fact warding off attacks inside 0 to 15 feet. Moreover, the darts can also work without the support of wires. That is, the TASER can turn into a contact stun gun to control a threat from near by.

Particularly, the TASER X26C employs upgradeable software so as not to endanger on precision irrespective of the target distance. Working as its power supply is a digital power magazine that is aware of its energy use and counts its own remaining life.

The kicker is that shooting stun guns, whether they are TASER or whatever else, does not cause deadly effects or lifelong harm. All stun guns, the TASER included, are non-lethal items with effects that peter out soon after 15 to 45 minutes.

By utilizing approved stun gun technology, every single TASER is safe to use. Obviously, that comes in conjunction with the usage of electro-muscular disruption technology, which bypasses any degree of resistance to pain brought on by electrical power.

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