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Simple Solutions On Deterring Harassers During The Night

One occupational hazard which waitresses in Miami have to be aware about is the risk of being harassed by other people during the wee hours. In order to get ready for this sort of situation I purchased a stun gun pen for my own protection.

Stun guns are non-lethal self-defense devices capable of emitting an electrical charge on immediate contact. As soon as hit the assailant will be disabled for a few minutes providing enough time for the user to escape and call for assistance.

The electrical charge will make the body to do a great deal of muscle work in a brief period of time therefore making its victim collapse onto the floor. To add the electrical shock doesnt result in any kind of irreversible damage to its victims.

Several are disguised stun guns posing as common things to make them a lot less obvious. For instance my Stun Master 1.2 million volt rechargeable pen stun gun with flashlight is actually a stun gun that looks like an ordinary pen.

Aside from being inconspicuous it included a rechargeable battery built-in flashlight and a security cap and switch in order to avoid unintentional operation. A nylon holster with belt loop also is bundled with the package.

My purchase also happens to be a flashlight stun gun. The built-in LED flashlight is ideal for aiming at targets or basically just to see through the dark.

A mini stun gun such as this is great for girls since it could be easily concealed inside a pocket or handbag. Its portability is an advantage because I could hold the gadget in my hand without the enemy knowing that I am already set to protect myself.

Using a hardworking though non-lethal tool has made me understand that I may have everything that I might require to secure myself in an unfortunate incident. Considering that my main objective is to safeguard myself from danger preparing for it by purchasing a stun gun pen seems to be an excellent idea.

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