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Simple Protection Options For The Whole Family

It wasnt a surprise when I as a protective dad offered my loved ones and home with numerous devices for defense. Initially I was thinking about buying these separately but wondered if purchasing them as a pack is going to be more convenient for me.

To be able to solve my worry I browsed the net for various kinds of self defense family members can use individually. As soon as I discovered a SafeFamilyLife Being Safe at Home Survival Kit Advanced System I ultimately decided to give it a try.

The kit was comprised of 1 auto dialer the multi-purpose UFO alarm four glass breakage security alarms 2 magnetic door security alarms a motion detector hidden camera a diversion safe two 2 oz. pepper sprays with wall supports and also one 4 oz. pepper spray. To add the pack bundled an instructional manual and all the battery packs for the devices.

I installed the auto dialer and also window and door alarms on the first floor of our house. If the doors and windows are opened externally the alarms will send out a signal towards the auto dialer that will contact up to five pre-programmed numbers which range from the local police to my neighbors and also my own cell phone.

The motion detector hidden camera was positioned in a corner where it has an entire look at the living room. That way Im able to check the caretakers activities privately whenever we are away.

I offered the pepper sprays to my spouse and daughters. They could use each sprays non-lethal mist to bring about a painful burning experience on their attackers eyes which could give them a small window of opportunity to flee and call for help.

As for the UFO alarm as well as diversion safe I gave these to my other child that is enrolled at UCLA. She could utilize the alarm to quickly call for attention when someone is harassing her and the diversion safe to hide her important things from plain view.

Looking for this straightforward solution for self defense family safety concerns could all be solved which was enough for me to be assured of my households overall safety.

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