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Simple But Effective Means Of Safeguarding Yourself From Real Danger

I really believe that violence begets violence. But I also think that you have the right to defend yourself if you are assaulted.

I wanted to enroll myself in a self defense course to know a few basic steps however my busy schedule wouldnt allow me to do so. A colleague recommended that I acquire a kubotan for protection instead adding that all I needed was practical self defense knowledge on how to utilize it.

A kubotan is made of aluminum and has either a flat or pointed tip. It can be used to strike or jab an assailant. Not like other self defense tools a kubotan can be used lawfully inside all of Americas states.

A number of good kubotan targets are the arm throat stomach collarbone groin wrist shin and knee among others. Basically you can utilize it to be able to poke or strike just about any body part within your reach. The only things you have to remember are the moment to strike as well as when to jab.

As soon as the body part ready for hitting is a bony section of the body like the wrist shin collarbone or knee strike it. Simply swing the kubotan on the bony surface. It doesnt matter should you hit the enemy hard. Even a light blow is enough for him or her to feel pain. It is because the nerves are nearer to the surface with regards to the bodys bony parts.

Jabbing is meant for the fleshier body parts like the stomach groin arm and also throat.

A kubotan typically has a key ring on its other end. If you grab the tip of the kubotan rather than the opposite end with the key ring you can swing the key ring instead on your enemy. This is really helpful if you have several keys on the key ring.

With a kubotan practical self defense is surely your best ally. With only a few defensive moves to keep in mind youre already on your way to safety.

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