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Safety Essentials For Evening Runners

In our teens, my sibling and I grew the habit of going out for a jog after sundown. It was our means of taking out stress at the end of the day. Our parents didn’t have issues about the fact that we went outside the house after dark because the community where we were raised was rather safe.

When my sister and I relocated to the city to look for jobs, safety became a bigger concern. We were very wary about venturing out of our house after dark and we could no longer go on our nightly jogs. After hearing the issue, our dad urged us to purchase a stun gun cell phone as a means of personal protection.

In my view, a stun gun gives really effective protection because the electrical shock that it generates on direct impact incapacitates the enemy for a few minutes. This provides the would-be victim plenty of time to get away and call for help.

A disguised stun gun, such as the cell phone stun gun which we each came to own, provides yet another advantage. Its look as an ordinary cell phone would surprise the assailant and keep him from defending himself against it.

Furthermore, our 4.5 million volt Pretender cell phone stun gun is equipped with an extremely bright 12-LED flashlight that comes in handy in the evening. It offers 2 levels of safety against accidental discharge. To use, the safety switch must first be switched on, as shown by an LED warning light, and then the trigger switch has to be pushed.

The electrical charge emitted by our high voltage stun guns is non-lethal. It causes no long term damage however is sufficient to bring the bad guy down.

I believe that the sense of security we have obtained from having our very own personal protection is just priceless.

Now, my sister and I never go out of the house without having our stun gun cell phone along. We are glad to have found a way not just to keep having our stress-relieving evening runs but also to remain safe from peril anywhere we might be.

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