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Precisely How To Stop An Assault Using A Stun Gun

As a single mom residing in Ingle California I learned early on that it is important to have self-defense devices inside the home and on your person. I have already encountered a situation in which I needed stun gun protection definitely.

I kept myself relaxed accomplished what I had to do and was fortunate enough to escape with only some bruises. Utilizing non deadly stun gun protection actually offered me more courage to face my assailant. I knew I was not going to hurt him forever so I had no issues about electrically shocking him.

It felt comforting that I was capable to protect myself. I am positive that I had made the best decision with the stun gun which I bought.

Stun guns work by unloading a powerful electrical charge on an enemy. Contact with the opponent is needed in transmitting the electrical current. This will trigger the instantaneous disruption of electric impulses normally flowing in our body from the brain to muscles.

That is the technology driving prevailing stun gun protection. The disruption created by the electric shock sent by the stun gun will result in rapid involuntary muscle spasms. The inability to control muscular tissues will happen simultaneously. All these will inevitably lead the lawbreaker to lie helpless on the floor.

The opponent will experience the stun even when the place of contact is made through a clothed section. It does not matter which portion of the body the stun gun gets in touch with. The opponent wont have the a chance to make an attack on you again.

Products that offer extensive stun gun protection just like the Stun Master 4.5 million volt multi-function stun gun offer more than the stunning effect. A stun gun could have a built-in personal alarm that brings your plight to the attention of other individuals and lead to intimidation.

A bright LED flashlight can be used to light the way in the evening or can be directed at the assailants eyes to confuse him. Red emergency lamps help aid in signaling to other people who you are in need of assistance.

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