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Precisely How To Select The Proper Personal Defense Spray

Amidst all the good things which life offers, sadly, there is danger all around us also. This does not mean that we ought to stop ourselves from living life fully. It just implies that we must be extra careful. A great way to do so is with a personal defense weapon.

Pepper spray is a hassle-free gadget to carry around, effective and user friendly. One shot to the aggressor’s face will lead to an agonizing burning sensation in the skin as well as the eyes. This will topple him down for a short while, giving the user a chance to flee.

You will find different kinds of defense sprays available. There are pocket versions, magnum sizes, some designed for the home, others for the car and those developed particularly for joggers.

For example, the Mace Hot Walkers are perfect for individuals who often go for a walk or a run. These are a set of 1-pound walking weights having a built-in pepper spray ideal for self-defense when you are out for a walk.

You can also find combination sprays which contain a blend of OC pepper, CN tear gas in addition to UV marking dye. Aside from the burning discomfort, this formulation will cause the target to feel trouble breathing, choking, coughing, tearing and keeping his eyes close.

UV dye will mark the assailant to help authorities in catching him. A pepper spray just like this one is ideal for home use, automobiles and even dormitories.

You will find a personal model with tear gas as well as UV dye, which is a smaller type that often has a belt clip. This is great for walking, running as well as putting in your bag so that you can continue to be secure anywhere you go.

A pepper spray is a non fatal weapon that will not cause lasting injury to any individual. With regards to your safety, a personal defense gadget like this is something to seriously consider.

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