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Practical Recommendations On Walking Home Safely

Despite the fact that I live just a few blocks from my place of work the walk home has always become a source of anxiety for me. My apartment building is located inside a relatively secure portion of Chicago however in order to get home I must pass by a number of undesirable areas.

Hearing about my situation female colleagues urged me to think about security options like self-defense sprays. Eager to discover a solution to my safety issue I searched online quickly for details such as what pepper spray really does and where to get pepper spray for that matter.

I found that defense sprays upon contact with the skin set off a burning sensation that renders the would-be opponent motionless for a couple of minutes. This buys enough time for the would-be target to run away and ask for assistance.

Hot pepper spray such as normal pepper spray is non-lethal. It also does not bring about any permanent injuries. The main difference between the 2 is that hot pepper sprays have a much stronger formula enough to teach any wrongdoer a lesson the hard way.

Whereas normal pepper sprays contain 10% pepper strong pepper spray contains 18% oleoresin capsicum. This concentration is responsible for making the pepper solution very hot that it not just causes a burning feeling but also forces the eyes to close as well as induces a choking sensation.

The 4oz. WildFire 18% pepper spray that I obtained is recognized to act very quickly and potently towards opponents. Like most other strong pepper sprays quickly gets taken in by the skin produces a painful burning feeling and makes respiration hard.

Some other versions I have tried using are the 1-pound Firemaster pepper spray and a 9 oz. pepper spray which has a pistol grip.

Performing my research before purchasing my pepper spray has paid off mainly because I really believe I have found the best unit for me. Knowing where to get pepper spray and what type I want hasnt been a complete waste of my time.

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