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Pointers Regarding How To Defend Yourself From City Thugs

One of the items in my last Christmas wish list was a personal security gadget to guarantee my own security while residing in the city. It is because one drawback to city living is walking through dimly lit and also dangerous walkways especially at nighttime.

The remedy would be to look for an effective self defense weapon that precisely suit my needs. I was planning to look at some product catalogs when I got a surprise package from my dad which contain an expandable self-defense baton. That is one wish granted!

Self-defense batons are great for personal protection because they are very easy to maintain and effective for close-hand combat. The advantage of these is that they provide you with the chance to attack at a distance.

The added reach lets the would-be victim to strike and then escape offering more distance from the enemy and danger.

Batons are available in numerous sizes and are made from different components as well as accessories. There are retractable and also non-retractable batons. Several are made of steel while some are made of lightweight alloys. Each kind may serve a different use.

A telescopic baton is retractable in design. It may be expanded for longer reach and collapsed when not in use. It is very easy to carry and also conceal because once collapsed an extendable baton is smaller than one that is not.

What my father provided me with is a telescopic steel baton which has a rubber handle for easy gripping. I bring it around in a heavy-duty nylon holster that came free of charge with the purchase. I got the longest one 26 inches when elongated though daddy mentioned others that extended to 16 or 21 inches.

Aside from the retractable baton father purchased me a screw-on LED light attachment for better vision especially in the dark. That further makes mine an effective self defense device to carry every time I go out. And when I am home I constantly keep it in an accessible area.

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