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Pointers On Just What Disguised Stun Gun To Buy Right Now

Ladies enjoy being spoiled whether it is with designer hand bags designer footwear designer jeans or even a designer face and body. No price is great enough but are you investing just as much for your glamorous self to remain safe?

It is no secret that guys are attracted to lovely girls who regrettably get the threatening kind of attention often. I have been in a condition such as this and it was simply because of a gift that I managed to get away unscathed.

That present is a pink stun gun that my dad gave to me when I left home for college. I never imagined that I was truly going to make use of that cell phone stun gun however I am happy that I had it when I needed it.

I used to scoff at my disguised stun gun usually carrying this pink stun gun as a joke to my buddies or as a discussion piece. Right now that I know precisely how helpful and life-saving it is though I have requested my loved ones and friends to get the same.

Cell stun guns are designed to mimic cellphones. These are largely high voltage stun guns that can incapacitate an attacker with just one jab. The Pretender 4.5 million volt cell phone stun gun to be specific comes in black as well as pink colors.

All stun guns are non-lethal weapons. My pink stun gun worked by releasing electrical currents into the muscles to make these muscles lose their capability to move. It disrupted neuromuscular signals that induced a disruption in activity.

The result caused by stun guns is just transitory. There are no lasting injuries and the impact will wear off in a small period of time. That strategic window ought to be used for escape.

That was just what I did when I incapacitated that attacker. As soon as he dropped down and hit the floor I ran as fast as I could. I then went over to a neighborhood restaurant and called the police. On that night my pink stun gun matched my shoes and then it saved my life. Who could seek out more?

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