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Personal Defense For Different Fitness Levels

After a cousin of mine experienced date-raped in Flint I swore I wouldnt let that thing happen to me or towards other people close to me. However being a member of the school cheering squad made this slightly difficult.

I mean even if I am aware what the best martial arts style in the planet was I would not have any regular time to train between cheering practice and school activities. Furthermore fascination with self-defense really is not really that great among our team.

Thus I searched on the web for self-defense videos to study on my very own time with a few other friends. I bought the Russian Fighting System DVD from Vladimir Vasiliev because it seemed like something that anyone could do.

I am physically fit and all but at times get worn out from cheer training. On other days I might have a hangover. I also have a friend who was out of shape and the two of us intended to train alongside one another as much as our schedules would allow.

This particular instructional fighting DVD appeared to fit the bill. The routines were easy but appeared effective for all fitness levels like even if you were injured.

The first technique that I actually used was how to attack the face. I found this big jerk manhandling our cheerleader outside the dressing room. She had separated with him and he was more than a little disappointed.

I told him to let her go and he simply informed me to stay out of it. As soon as he went after me I hit his face in mid-stride catching him off balance. I didnt even break a nail! The secret was in the timing and the best place to hit. It was not so much about strength. Jessica shouted at him to go away and he appeared to get back to his senses and eventually left.

Seeking to learn the best martial arts style would most likely need decades of rigorous training. So right now Im simply content to learn some defensive tricks from a DVD on my own time and in my very own fitness level.

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