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Most Effective Means Of Protecting Yourself From An Armed Encounter

Often foiling a threat to ones life needs a self-defense skill. Unfortunately more of us dont have those skills than do. In these kinds of conditions it is advisable that we keep a self-defense weapon handy instead.

Pepper spray having a powerful mixture of oleoresin capsicum tear gas as well as UV dye is one choice. To be honest I had never been so curious about such triple action defense sprays until recently when an encounter with an armed robber nearly cost me my life.

A guy who seemed to be high on drugs suddenly blocked my path in a dark street one night and at knifepoint asked for my wallet and wristwatch. To my shock he lunged at me even after I handed him what he wanted. Luckily I was able to parry his attack though not after sustaining a nasty cut in my right hand.

I started my frantic hunt for the ideal weapon to arm myself with after I survived such a frightening experience. Triple action pepper spray seemed to be the perfect device to carry outside the home without inflicting serious injury on an attacker.

This led me to discover the Mace triple action pepper spray with tear gas and UV dye. Its 11-gram unit is effective at hitting a target within a distance of 10 feet. I also stumbled on other variants just like a 17-gram spray with a belt clip and larger 60 and 120-gram cans.

Defense sprays will cause an excruciating burning feeling on the skin and in the eyes of the attacker that gets hit. This effect is short term and will last for a few minutes only but more than enough to give the would-be target time to run away from danger and call for help.

In reality pepper spray is a non-lethal weapon. Its effects are temporary and would not cause lifelong harm to its target.

When it has oleoresin capsicum this causes uncontrollable couching and choking. CN tear gas is what causes profuse tearing an intense burning feeling in the face and disorientation. UV dye on the other hand marks the assailant which helps with his identification once apprehended.

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