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More Secure Locations To Keep Money Than A Bank

Many banks have been closing down so that most people are becoming wary of storing their funds in bank accounts. Many have been deciding to store their money within the home. That is where diversion safes come in handy.

These kinds of safes look like either household products or novelty items but actually serve a real purpose. They are extremely powerful at holding your belongings and keeping thieves from scoring those if ever one robs your house. This is because they look like typical things found inside or outside the home.

A rock diversion safe or thermometer safe for instance is usually used for keeping keys outside in case you lock yourself out. Yet there are other styles to match your taste and they can stash more than just keys.

I am particularly fond of the disguised safes that look like food items. A beer can safe and also a soup can safe are two which I have within my kitchen.

I thought that thieves wouldnt take the trouble searching my kitchen for expensive loot. And in the event that they did know about diversion safes they would still have a tough time going through all the food in my pantry just to find my cash as well as jewelry.

They will never imagine either that I have four months worth of my salary kept in a flowerpot safe. This hidden safe literally looks similar to a flowerpot!

I have a real flower in soil which I water regularly sitting on my life savings. Not even my loved ones realizes what is saved within this pot and that it does double duty: making my house much more inviting while keeping my cash well-protected.

Diversion safes as simple and cost-effective as they are truly are genius in my opinion. They look so normal that no person would suspect them of holding important things. For individuals who wish to take extra measures to keep their cash liquid as well as out of banks these are precisely the items in which to invest.

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