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Means To Continue To Be Protected While Traveling

My job being a researcher for a magazine typically takes me to the road and occasionally to unfamiliar areas. In most cases I take these kinds of road trips alone. I later realized that as a young lady taking long drives without having companion whatsoever I must appear to be an easy target.

I then thought it best to begin being responsible for my own personal safety by learning about the various self defense guns and tools that I could make use of. I quickly became informed regarding stun guns non-lethal products that leave no permanent injuries however are made to disarm any attacker momentarily giving away sufficient time for escape.

A simple online search brought me to a couple of quite interesting as well as amazing types of stun guns for womens use in self-defense.

Disguised stun guns are covert gadgets meant to appear like something else. Any would-be opponent would assume you to be absolutely helpless and would certainly be taken aback whenever you put your weapon to use.

The selling point of small stun guns also plays on the element of surprise considering that these tiny gadgets could be concealed easily within the hand. Besides this small stun guns are made to be really compact and also portable.

Flashlight stun guns are dual-purpose devices. Not just are they designed to discharge electricity and stun would-be opponents but also equipped with a flashlight to offer illumination particularly at night.

The stun gun that I currently own is a Stun Master 950000 volt rechargeable lipstick stun gun with flashlight. This kind of lipstick-looking rechargeable stun gun is just 3 inches tall. Its equipped with a flashlight and also zaps as much as 950000 volts good enough to knock out someone of any size.

Right now I feel more secure with my stun gun and never head out at any place without it. I am really satisfied with this gadget. It simply brings together the great properties of 3 kinds of self defense guns that appeal to me: an ingenious disguise size and also a built-in light.

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