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Mastering Self-Defense Techniques To Give Protection To Yourself From Possible Danger

A pal of mine was mugged within a New York campus while she was visiting her younger sister. She fell into a coma for more than a month due to the head injuries caused by the criminals. As soon as she finally made a full recovery she informed me that while the experience frightened her she must get on her with life.

In order to contend with her fear she enrolled herself in a self-defense class. She persuaded me to do so as well. However both of us thought that the classes were taking too long. We wanted to be in on some street fighting secrets quickly in order that we would know what to do if ever we were attacked.

In spite of our dissatisfaction with how slow things were going we continued going to our martial arts classes twice a week. After all we had to get by with what we had.

On a late-night Internet browsing session I came across Paul Vunak and his instructional fighting DVD Street Safe I. The DVD seemed good so I ordered a copy.

Vunak teaches his audiences how to perform eight basic steps that are all reliable when it comes to protecting yourself. His street fighting video assures me that my gross motor skills can help me sweep an assailant off his or her feet.

I have to confess that Im not a fan of physical activities. I would preferably eat small portions of food than go to the gym. That is why I find it very hard to head to martial arts lessons every Tuesday and Thursday.

Its a great thing that my instructional DVD doesnt need me to practice my newly learned moves always. Actually I feel confident that I can execute the self-defense techniques correctly even when I have only seen Vunak show them once or twice.

Needless to say I viewed the video thrice to make sure that I truly got the moves correctly. After I mastered Vunaks street fighting secrets I lent my friend the self-defense video.

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