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Making Use Of Self-Defense Tools In Order To Protect Yourself During The Night

My closest friend who is from a regular middle-class family always manages to look like a million bucks even if shes at her lowest financial status. Even when she is just sporting jeans and a shirt it still seems as though she has a lot of cash with her. I usually let her know that probably it is one of the reasons why she frequently gets mugged.

Right after being held at gun point for eight times as well as having weekly nightmares from those from the time we went into the university I finally made a decision to get her a disguised mini stun gun with a flashlight.

A stun gun is a non-lethal device that directs an electric shock to an assailants body on direct contact. The shock is going to briefly incapacitate him providing the target plenty of time to flee the area.

In particular a disguised stun gun gives an element of surprise. One that pretends to be a regular writing pen for instance looks far from being a weapon which is why the felon will be caught off guard whenever he or she assaults another person.

Moreover a mini stun gun already has an upper hand versus an opponent because of its size. Because it is tiny it can be concealed easily inside the users hand.

On top of these a flashlight stun gun guarantees its user precise targeting as it allows him or her see the opponent.

The Stun Master 1.2 million volt rechargeable pen stun gun with flashlight that I obtained her safeguards my pal not only from a felon but also from accidental discharges. This stun pen features a safety cap and switch that have to be taken off and switched on respectively just before it can be utilized versus an opponent. It also includes a rechargeable battery that is one way to cut costs considering that my good friend only has to charge it in case the electrical power runs out.

Ever since getting the mini stun gun my friend has felt safer. There were another 2 mugging efforts however she was able to fend off the assailants. Now she is able to enjoy her evening strolls throughout the university grounds by herself.

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