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Making Use Of Hand-Held Metal Detectors In Order To Effectively Discover Weapons And Contraband

The school board, of which I am a member, has been thinking of updating the security devices inside our school building. Soon after much discussion, we have decided to increase the quantity of surveillance cameras used in our area.

As the next step, I am now looking into equipping our security personnel with Garrett hand-held metal detectors. My plan is to search for a portable metal detector that will be ideal for our goal and then submit it to the board for approval.

In early stages, we have understood the value of having the guards utilize security metal detectors in the gates of the school. On a couple of occasion, the security guards captured small weapons and different kinds of contraband with the help of these handy devices.

At this time, I have my interest on the SuperWand. It’s a hand-held metal pinpointing gadget which is made to determine ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons, contraband as well as other metal objects.

The size of this particular metal detector provides a 360-degree detection field for uniform sensitivity. For pinpointing, the tip of this kind of metal screening device can uncover weapons and also other metal objects with significant accuracy. It features a one-touch switch and three color LED lights for ease and also convenience.

This kind of hand-held metal detector also provides versatile dual alarm features. It could switch from clear audible detection to a silent vibrating LED alarm. Moreover, it carries a digital microprocessor which efficiently eliminates the need for regular sensitivity adjustments.

I’m particularly keen on its ergonomically designed grip that can fit almost any hand size. This will guarantee ease and comfort of use for the security personnel, which in turn will decrease their stress and also increase their efficiency.

I believe that this particular portable metal detector can easily satisfy the safety demands of our own school building. I am sure that getting our hands on several units is going to prove to be a good investment for a long period.

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