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Learning Self-Defense Techniques To Keep Yourself Protected

I have not been linked to a physical fight. It is not that I am chicken or anything at all. Its much more of an adherence to being able to solve fights without the need for resorting to any physical violence. But as soon as I was robbed and held up not too long ago I realized that I did need some type of self-defense.

Immediately I asked several fitness facilities in the area if they offered martial arts street fight sessions. Afterward I began going to self-defense lessons in one facility 3 times per week after office hours.

In order to be able to safeguard myself I soon discovered that I needed to train much more. To do that I decided to acquire a street-fighting DVD which I could watch within the convenience of my own house.

That epiphany got me to search on the internet for instructional fighting videos. Since I am not into violence you might have thought that I am also up against the use of guns. Therefore I wanted a street fight video that could teach me hand-to-hand combat.

I discovered Unarmed Combat Course: Hand to Hand by Frank Cucci. The title by itself suit my preference of self-defense method. This particular instructional fighting DVD guaranteed to instill inside me a mix of fighting steps which were well-known within their particular nations.

Furthermore even when you are not physically fit you could still use the fighting styles being shared in this self-defense DVD as there is very little athletic skill necessary to carry out a move properly. The steps are really basic and direct. That is you wont be getting ninja-like moves as seen in films. Rather youll be knowing useful steps which will certainly help you.

Unsurprisingly I bought the street-fighting video. Right now I continue with my formal self-defense training while teaching myself several other surprising moves at home.

By studying self-defense tactics to help me through any martial arts street fight I began becoming more confident about myself. I am also becoming a lot more in tune with my sixth sense each time I am out in public.

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