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Keeping Yourself Secure During Nighttime Jogs

I enjoy jogging because it is the easiest workout for me. I do not usually have time in the morning because of work so I usually jog in the evening. However my better half worries about me every time I head out for a run since he thinks Im defenseless although I know a little bit of karate.

To be able to pacify him and to make sure he does not protest every time I venture out I made a decision to get myself a personal protection gadget. It was tough to take a pick given that there were many to choose from. Finally I settled for the X26 Taser that I felt matched my needs.

I preferred to arm myself using a Taser due to the flexibility it offers. I can utilize it long-range or short-range so there is no escape for my assailant. It possesses 2 probes attached to wires which make it possible for me to protect myself within 15 feet. This is aside from the contact stun gun effect of the probes in case of a close quarter assault.

In spite of imposing pain through electric shock Tasers are non-lethal. They use electro-muscular disruption or EMD technology which can disable assailants having high pain tolerance along with standard stun gun technology which leaves simply short-term pain.

Tasers will unleash 50000 volts into the targeted body. When the enemy is down there will be enough time to run away from the scene of peril and find some assistance.

One thing I like concerning the Taser X26C is that it is lightweight that is suitable for evening jogging. Via a central information display I see when the battery is going out a countdown timer and also warranty information.

I am able to upgrade the software inside. Furthermore this Taser stun gun uses a digital power magazine that computes that magazines life expectancy and informs me when I have to recharge the device.

Now I carry my X26 Taser every time I go for a jog at night. It fits perfectly inside my small fanny pack!

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