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Keeping Yourself Fit And Protected At The Same Time

There are instances when I find myself anxious to go to work every time I am assigned the evening shift in the hospital. During my free time I surf the Internet for combat training lessons that fit my budget and busy lifestyle.

Self-defense DVDs are certainly within my budgets reach. And also Im able to arranged a convenient schedule in the privacy of my very own house. I could even ask my best friend to join me in the lessons. We could certainly use them especially when we travel to and from work.

I was truly decided to learn about self-defense thus I purchased an instructional fighting DVD which I felt could help me attain effectively what I wanted – become strong protect myself and also take away fear.

I ultimately picked Unarmed Combat Course by Frank Cucci. It seemed like a very realistic sort of training that could be used by any person. Imagine having the ability to study Thai kickboxing Filipino-style street-fighting and Jeet Kune Do on your own.

Street-fighting DVDs usually have challenging movements and special physical requirements but this one merely requires minimal athletic abilities. It is extremely simple to study and use and seems to have been proven really successful. I am not a tall girl however it says that I could bring down somebody larger than I am.

I had the chance to use what I have learned when I returned home at 4 AM once. I took my normal route by the row of alleys. Out of the blue a person appeared in front of me and aimed a knife at me.

Right then I found an abandoned walking cane by the trash bin and utilized it to hit the man at various pressure points on his body including his throat.

The attacker gasped for air. Several men took him by the arms as we waited for the cops. The combat training which I went through at home really worked. I have never felt so fearless within my entire life!

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