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Keeping Safe The Moment Strangers Break Into Your Home

In spite of tightened security robbers still are able to get into our neighborhoods homes without getting noticed. It appears that their primary targets are those residences the homeowners of which have gone out for the weekend.

Because of this I purchased a home defense weapon for our own protection. I looked through pepper sprays and purchased pepper gel as it looked fitting to our situation.

Defense spray leaves a burning feeling in the area which it hits like the eyes or even the skin. It makes the enemy temporarily incapacitated enabling the victim to run for assistance. Its a non-lethal weapon and just aims to give time for the prey to ask for assistance.

Not like regular pepper sprays the pepper concentration within pepper gel is suspended in gel instead of liquid. This makes it a lot more effective for long-distance aiming. It is much less contaminating in a gel mixture as it sticks just like glue to the target area.

I bought the Mace pepper gel Night Defender that has a built-in bright LED light which is very handy at night and inside dark places. When you lift the cover the light immediately switches on. This helps in lighting the area where you are intending to utilize the gel pepper spray.

The moment robbers got to our home one night and managed to break in I immediately got hold of our gel pepper spray. It was past midnight then and all the lights were out. I raised the cap to light up my target area.

I shot the thieves with pepper gel while my little girl contacted 911. After a few minutes the police arrived and took the felons to jail. We were extremely relieved that no one got hurt.

In instances similar to this one thing you can do would be to remain protected by having a home defense weapon ready. You can never be certain when and where such incidents happen. Therefore it is wise to take precautions.

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