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Keeping My Children And My House Safe

I have constantly been devoted not just to my two kids but also to my very own work being a marketing professional. I have to be given that I am a single mother. As I wasnt married to their daddy neither I nor the kids receive any kind of assistance whatsoever from him.

My children are now young adults (14 and 16) thus I do not need to hire a babysitter for them anymore whenever I must go to many-day conventions. But I had a hard time going to sleep throughout an event thinking that I might not have had enough house security.

Every time my company announced that we would be having an eight-day meeting within Miami I was a little fazed. I live in San Francisco and the idea of leaving my kids alone for one whole week at home was unnerving.

I was going to e-mail my sister if she could possibly stop by the neighborhood every once in awhile to check if everything was fine when I found door braces for sale online.

A door brace can be an affordable means of safeguarding your house as well as your family from thieves and the like. It can be affixed conveniently below the door knob in order to stop a stranger from going into the house.

I purchased a dual-function door brace for our own front door and another unit for the sliding door in the kitchen considering that this product can be used on both hinged and also sliding doors.

In the beginning I was a bit worried that it may not fit the two doors but to my delight this particular door security bar could be readily adjusted. Made from 20-gauge steel it can assure you of home safety. It is also collapsible and can fit into just about any kind of bag. If you require extra protection when you are on vacation you can install this quickly on your hotel rooms door.

Now that I am confident with the airtight house security which my door brace offers I can head to virtually any conference my manager asks me to attend.

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