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Keeping Mishaps In The Road From Occurring With The Utilization Of Nap Alarms

Being a truck driver I usually spend weeks at a time far from my home and on the road. My job would be to haul cargo from one city to a different one sometimes in different states. This means that I could be driving for twelve hours or more every single day.

My tight work deadlines suggest that there is very little time for sleep and I usually find myself falling asleep at the wheel. Based on the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sleepiness as well as exhaustion are the cause of 1.5% of all vehicle accidents annually.

State lawmakers are pushing to require a limit on the maximum number of hours which a driver could be out on the road but nothing has come of it yet. In the meantime numerous businesses offer devices which seek to tackle the issue of sleepy drivers.

One such unit is known as a nap alarm and it is a small earplug-like gadget which is worn over the ear. It features a motion sensor which is capable of detecting if you are drifting off to sleep.

It performs this by keeping track of your head movements and when it detects that your head is moving forward or backwards a lot just like when you are nodding off this portable sleep alert is going to produces a sound a strong alarm to wake you and also your passengers up.

I got myself one for myself and I wear it each time Im on trips that take several days to complete. Thanks to its simpleness my nap alert doesnt get in my way and I occasionally forget that its there until it decides to wake me up.

Although this sleep alarm is marketed towards truck drivers it can be used by anyone that needs to remain alert while on duty such as security officers and machine operators.

With the economy at a standstill organizations are requiring more and more hours from their employees. Motorists as well as drivers falling asleep at the wheel will continue to be a problem but with gadgets like the portable nap alarm businesses can lessen that danger.

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