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Is A Retractable Stun Baton Best For You?

Various items for self-defense can be found in the market that it could be confusing to pick a weapon that is ideal for you. One of the most well known self-defense equipment are pepper sprays and also stun guns particularly retractable stun batons.

If youre not comfortable regarding aiming a conventional electric shock stun gun that is shorter as compared to an extendable stun baton then the second item may appeal to you. Moreover since these telescopic baton stun guns are longer it will be less difficult for you to slow an assailant down from a risk-free distance.

The extended reach offered by a collapsible stun baton is lacking in a common shock stun gun simply because normal stun guns that dont retract require closer physical contact to function. This is going to be very useful for you especially if you easily clam up in the face of immediate danger.

Furthermore expandable stun batons are perfect options since they may be elongated for added length and then shortened for easier portability whenever not utilized. These handy tactical stun batons are available in several sizes that vary from 13 to 32 inches long.

An extendable shock stun gun when triggered will provide a jolt of electrical power to an attacker. When hit the attacker will become disabled for a few seconds that leaves you ample time to flee and look for assistance.

Expandable stun batons can drop powerful volts of electrical energy just like any other high voltage stun guns. The 800000 volt Stun Master telescopic stun baton for example is among the more potent retractable stun batons due to its greater voltage mixed with a supplementary light and also a 120 decibel alarm.

This particular collapsible baton stun gun is 13 inches long whenever withdrawn and 21.5 inches whenever prolonged as opposed to a normal stun gun which is generally around 3 to 5 inches long. It is also ready to shock through half an inch thickness of clothing.

Whats more an electrical shock stun gun is a non-lethal weapon for personal protection. It wont provide any life-threatening aftereffects.

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