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Importance Of Having A Personal Protection Tool To Help Give Protection To Yourself

I am a struggling theater performer with focus on struggling. Thus I work as a part-time barista to be able to make ends meet. I normally assigned at the closing schedule at the cafe that is a 10-minute walk from my apartment.

The other day while I was heading back home I noticed two homeless guys walking a few meters behind me. I wasnt scared in the beginning but when I turned a corner to my street and they did the same thing I came to be gripped with fear. When I reached home I told myself that I need to probably obtain a personal protection weapon. I had heard a great deal regarding pepper spray coming from my fellow baristas. However what is Mace truly effective for in terms of real use?

Pepper spray as a non-lethal tool incapacitates an assailant momentarily if it is sprayed onto the face and into the eyes. The spray brings about an unpleasant feeling much like burning rendering the assailant incapable of continuing his assault.

A buddy at work owns a Mace 10% PepperGard personal pepper spray that has a flip-top safety cover in order to avert accidental discharge. It possesses 10 one-second bursts which can reach a distance of eight to 12 feet. Made for outdoor activities it has a belt clip for quick access.

Since I wasnt yet completely decided on what to purchase my pal recommended a Leather Plus pepper spray which could easily fit in any of my handbags or the pocket of my very own jeans or coat. This particular key chain pepper spray possesses 5 one-second bursts as well as a spraying range of 10 feet.

She likewise recommended a pocket model pepper spray. It has a finger-grip dispenser making spraying very easy. This kind of mini pepper spray has five one-second bursts that can reach a distance of 6 to 12 feet.

I decided to purchase the second however I need to wait for my credit card bill first before I buy one.

Well then what is Mace like for felons that have no clue that their target is armed? They would certainly get the surprise of their lives as soon as the spray hits them.

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