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Ideas Regarding How To Secure Your Company From Armed Individuals

Our pawnshop business has been managed by the family for many years. The shop was only handed down to me to manage and I believed I was performing a very good job. However when armed robbers stormed in as well as demanded cash and also took some of our high-priced merchandise I understood that I had to make changes.

The very first on my list was to improve our own security. I looked around for metal detector dealers in the neighborhood in hopes to locate a great tool to arm my guards with. In this way men lugging weapons would not be able to breeze into the store again.

I came upon several Garrett security metal detectors that I then considered. They are used for detecting weapons in order that armed people may be banned entry into virtually any area.

From the choices I opted for a Superscanner V which has apparently proven to be a very reliable product all these years. Many people recognize it to be one of the top hand-held metal detectors in the market and its utilized by a lot of individuals in the security industry.

This particular metal detector scanner is really sensitive and can discover medium-sized guns coming from a distance of 9 inches box cutters and razor blades coming from 3 inches in distance as well as jewelry and foil-wrapped drugs from an inch away. It can scan swiftly and extensively with the huge 8-inch scan surface that it was built with.

In addition it is self-calibrating and also makes use of digital microprocessor technology which ceases the need for regular sensitivity adjustments. All internal parts are held firmly with its rugged high-impact ABS case with a reinforced coil section.

Other features are 3-color LED indication a striking audible alarm a bright LED light signaling metal detection as well as a momentary push switch which pauses the detection of ambient metal close by.

In any kind of store that offers high-priced things reliable security is required. I am happy that I was able to find help from our local metal detector dealers to make certain that our pawnshop would be safeguarded from any armed individuals trying to cause trouble.

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