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Ideas On How High-Profile Executives Can Ward Off Opponents

I acquired my big break the moment I was appointed as second in command inside a local hotels security detail. The trouble was that the owners daughter operated the hotel. She as well as I have intense history from high school which concluded with me being the one going away.

Now then I cant have the lady boss acquire so much as a scratch and never have it weigh on me some more. Thus in spite of being armed myself I made her look into cell phone stun guns for one which she would not mind going around with constantly.

She was knowledgeable about stun gadgets. These engender a sudden discharge of electrical power into the body while in contact. As a result the receiver becomes unable to move his muscles as well as continue to be balanced as well as could tumble over in no time.

The effects are short-term lingering just right up until 20 to 40 minutes. They are non fatal and result in no irreversible damage. Her task would be to hightail it and also look for help before time is up.

I convinced her to zoom in on disguised stun guns specifically. Her foes are aware that she has security guards around although not that she has a self defense tool as well. They could attack the wrong way and that offers us a chance to retaliate.

Because it masquerades as some hapless camera cellular phone her 4.5 million volt Pretender cell phone stun device stays under the radar. It is fitted with an ultra-bright 12 LED light for nighttime effectiveness. Only she and I know about this.

Surely I stress that it is a high voltage stun gun and she is not to go around shocking people with millions of crippling electrical energy. When that is required though she can make it count and make it hurt.

Somewhere between checking cell phone stun guns out on the internet my employer-slash-ex-fling and I did also try to make peace with our past. With the personal protection weapon that I got her I wouldnt wish to be one of her foes.

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