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Ideal Way Of Safeguarding Yourself Within A Comfortable Distance

Last New Years Eve my son was out at a social gathering with his buddies. He was already a little bit tipsy the moment he returned to his apartment so he had no idea that somebody was following him. His money cellular phone and even his sports watch were stripped away from him. After learning of the event my spouse panicked. I told her that we ought to be happy that nothing worse happened to our child.

That mugging event led me to an Internet search of possible self-defense weapons for my boys use. After an intensive browsing of Web sites focused on personal security I ran across a telescopic baton.

I asked my son if he wanted me to get him an expandable baton. I told him that its a stun gun in baton form.

I added that a baton as a stun gun can easily paralyze an opponent temporarily as it sends an electrical shock to the attackers body after direct contact. Also because a stun gun is a non-lethal tool its effect will only last for several minutes giving my boy plenty of time to flee the area.

A stun baton does all that. But as an additional bonus it provides a comfortable distance between him as well as the assailant.

Moreover it could be extended in case the need to do so arise and retracted when not in and after use. This collapsible design makes it longer compared to other baton stun guns making it much more hassle-free to carry around within a bag.

The moment my boy agreed to get a retractable baton I bought him a Stun Master telescopic stun baton. This self-defense weapon has a reach of 21.5 inches at its entire and a mere 13 inches when retracted. The whole 21.5 inches is electrified. Thus when the felon attempts to take the baton he will get shocked.

Right now my boy always brings his telescopic baton along with him wherever he goes. My wife also sleeps a lot more soundly in the evening knowing that our boy can safeguard himself.

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