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Ideal Method Of Getting Home Safely At Night

I see myself as an independent strong-willed female but to tell the truth in terms of physical strength I appear to have none. Being a college instructor I worry simply because I have classes right up until late in the evenings which leaves me no option but to go home after dark.

Since a co-teacher of mine was having the same problem we both decided to buy stun gun devices for personal protection. We each wanted the powerful sort that would also be convenient to use and would help us reach home safely at night.

While we searched on the net we learned about the capability of stun guns. These give off an electrical shock into the body as soon as direct contact happens. This shock leaves the receiver immobilized for a few moments.

Among many options we felt that a Stun Master 950000 volt rechargeable lipstick stun gun with flashlight is going to be most suitable for us. Made especially for women it is small and portable and comes with a wrist strap. If this small stun gun is taken away the disabled pin comes out which will stop it from functioning.

Disguised stun guns are very useful to the ladies. Seeing as this one appears just like a lipstick it offers the element of surprise so as to provide a great defensive advantage over the attacker.

Having a flashlight stun gun doesnt hurt either. With the built-in light one will have the ability to see better during the night and aim at the opponent more accurately.

Often we commit full days on campus and really do not have much time for other things. On that note a rechargeable stun gun gives relief as we dont need to bother buying batteries all the time.

Deciding to buy stun gun products for self-defense has helped my teacher-friend and me feel less fearful regarding heading home at night. And given that all stun guns are non-lethal weapons we feel relieved that no permanent damage is caused to the target.

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