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How You Can Secure Personal Possessions When Your Work Requires Moving Around

Becoming a point guard for a semi-pro basketball team takes me places not to mention that it gives a great salary. The lack of security gets my goat though. I have lost personal possessions and cash in locker rooms lockers and my very own sports bags.

For certain I would in no way accuse a teammate of filching. The coach would hang me out to dry and the fans would eat me alive. Instead I discovered a means to hide my possessions in plain sight inside a beverage can safe or a diversion safe disguised as a beverage can.

I have not ceased singing the praises of diversion safes ever since happening on them on the net. They pose as common merchandise from potato chips to oven cleaners to seem like they are or have nothing of worth.

Because of my work I have chosen one dressed up as a can of Arizona iced tea for stowing cash and also credit cards inside the bag that I carry around during rehearsals and games. Actually vitamin water and refreshments are normal sights in players baggage.

A Brut shaving foam safe hides emergency money and mementos in my locker room at the gym or court. Amidst real grooming products inside a travel pouch it is really improbable to give its true nature away.

Whether big-time or small-time thieves work with time constraints lest they be found in the act of thieving. They hit the predictable hiding areas just like wallets jewelry boxes or the normal money safes where they have the most odds of searching booty out.

Soda can safes camouflaged as Coca-Cola Dr. Pepper and Cherry 7-Up do the job of securing valuable things inside my bachelors pad. Intruders just do not have time to search inside every single container inside the fridge.

No person has figured out the normal-looking iced tea can safe within my bag. It surely helps that I have surrounded it with actual beverages several of which look like the better thirst quenchers and would be the first to catch somebody elses attention.

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