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How You Can Keep Yourself Safe In Spite Of The High Crime Rate

My brothers pal who is a cop ate dinner at his apartment while I was staying there for the weekend. This friend asked me regarding my work in San Francisco and if the vicinity where I lived was safe considering that there were plenty of criminal offenses in the city.

As soon as I got back home I started reflecting on what my brothers pal had said. So I read up on self-defense tools on the net. I then stumbled on a small stun gun review that influenced me to get one.

The article I read was very insightful. I discovered that my fear of accidentally maiming or totally paralyzing somebody by using a stun gun was certainly unfounded because this self-defense weapon is non-lethal.

A stun gun could of course incapacitate an assailant for a while. This is going to provide me enough time to run away from the place as well as some peace of mind that I didnt kill anybody.

Upon completing my reading with regards to stun guns I decided that I wanted a small stun gun. This is a compact weapon that can perform its main purpose which is to stun an attacker yet still continue to be very discreet due to its size.

As soon as my brother came to pay a visit to me the following weekend I asked him precisely what he thought of my recently acquired Stun Master 950000 volt rechargeable lipstick stun gun with flashlight. This gadget is a small disguised stun gun which appears like a tube of lipstick. Its deceptive physical appearance makes it undetectable so that I could catch an attacker off guard.

It is also a flashlight stun gun which implies that it features a built-in flashlight. This is useful anytime theres a need to stun an assailant at nighttime.

Right now I always carry a stun gun beside me anywhere I go. I feel safer each time I go back home by myself after working late at the office or after hanging out at the local bar with my pals. That online stun gun review has been really helpful in making me more aware of the importance of safeguarding myself.

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