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How You Can Keep A Stalker Away

I have had a stalker in the past and without a doubt the experience was truly terrifying. It was fine at first considering that he just used to call me in the house and in my workplace. However when he started waiting for me outside the office after work hours I got a bit more scared.

I reported him to the police and although I managed to acquire a restraining order I was nevertheless suggested to acquire a self-defense tool. The law enforcement officer whom I spoke with told me about the effects of pepper spray and added that he had just then got his own daughter a 1/2 oz. Wildfire 18% pepper spray.

Pepper spray is a non-lethal tool that causes an agonizing burning sensation in the face as well as in the eyes. The pain is intense enough that the assailant is incapacitated temporarily offering you enough time to flee the area and call for help.

Many pepper sprays have 10% oleoresin capsicum the results of which are cited above. 18% pepper spray has more pepper content. Hence it possesses a hotter pepper solution is absorbed easily by the skin pores shuts the eyes involuntarily and makes breathing tough.

Soon after looking at a number of hot pepper sprays I bought a 4.oz 18% pepper spray stream. I kept it with me all the time especially since my own stalker still found ways to harass me.

One day I was walking the block coming from the bus stop to my own residence when I noticed that he was walking only five feet behind me. I snapped up my own pepper spray fired it at him and ran. In my panic I must have dropped my self-defense device since it was not within my handbag any longer when I reached home.

I called up the police department at once and they arrested the man. I bought myself one more strong pepper spray a 4 oz. 18% pepper spray fogger this time.

The effects of pepper spray are truly lifesaving. If it was not for my very own self-defense spray something terrible might have probably happened to me.

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