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How You Can Continue To Be Secure Whenever Going Home Late At Night

I manage a bookstore that is situated about a 10-minute stroll from my very own apartment. With it being very near I dont see the necessity of getting a motor vehicle or using a taxi to go to work anymore. However having your very own shop at times entails that you stay in the premises until late at night.

Since almost anything can happen throughout a 10-minute walk and with the news reports saying that girls that are all by themselves are the usual target of rapists I made a decision to obtain a Wildfire pepper spray as a means of protecting myself.

Pepper spray is a non-lethal weapon that leaves an agonizing experience comparable to burning as soon as it comes in direct contact with the skin as well as the eyes. Due to the pain the receiver of the pepper spray will be disabled momentarily (there arent any long term effects) offering you enough time to run away from the place as well as call for help.

Hot pepper spray possesses a hotter solution as compared to normal pepper spray being usually an 18% pepper spray. As such it causes a faster reaction on the skin.

These kinds of strong pepper sprays can quickly enter the skins pores shut the eyes instantly and make respiration challenging.

This was exactly the sort of pepper spray which I purchased one with 18% oleoresin capsicum. In the beginning though I debated over which defense spray to obtain and in what size since they were available in 5 different sizes: half pound 1.5 ounces 4 ounces 9 ounces as well as a pound.

Personally I chose among a 4 oz. pepper spray stream a 9 oz. pepper spray with pistol grip as well as a 1 pound FireMaster pepper spray. In the end I ordered the pistol grip pepper spray.

I constantly bring my hot pepper spray along with me not just to work but also to the social activities that I head to. With a Wildfire pepper spray I feel more secure even when I am out alone at night.

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