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How To Push Back Enemies

Lately, a colleague of mine was robbed while heading to work. Ever since I saw her in the hospital, I thought about buying one of the personal alarms for women that I read about a couple weeks ago while surfing around the net. These kinds of alarming devices save your life by scaring away those who would like to hurt you. They are non-lethal weapons for personal defense which you can bring around together with you.

One time, my closest friend told me about precisely how effective her personal alarm with flashlight was in saving her life a couple of times. It’s a really unique personal security alarm to have.

It is very small and could fit conveniently in small hands. The portable alarm produces a 130 dB sound. Its flashlight feature could assist you to find your way in dark spots in the evening. Even kids can use this one.

It took me a very long time to find what would suit me best however, eventually, I picked out THE ONE. I decided to get an electric pocket/keychain whistle.

I press the button and it will cry out a 120 dB whistle. Unless I discontinue pushing, the whistle is going to continue. It is battery-operated and could be utilized in military training, emergencies, dog-handling and handling traffic.

When my younger sister came back home breathless one day and revealed that she was being chased by a guy who wanted her bag, I understood that she needed to have a personal safety alarm also. I got her a keychain alarm with light the very next day.

It features a flashing light as well as a 130 dB sound. You just take out the pin attached to the key chain or press the button. The light could also be utilized like a regular flashlight.

Certainly, personal alarms for women should be mandatory gadgets besides the mobile phone. Ladies should be able to protect themselves constantly because you don’t know the moment attackers will attack.

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