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How To Protect Yourself While On A Trip

As part of my job I am expected to go on business travels several times a year. I know as a traveling single girl that I can be seen as an easy target of the predators around waiting around to do harm against other individuals.

Rather than wait for this type of incident to occur I wanted to be ready. The moment I discovered a Door Guard alarm online I realized only then precisely how useful it would be to use a portable gadget for security while out and about.

I found out that door alarms are a handy way to frighten intruders away. Whatever hotel I stay in I just place this sort of personal alarm to the door to help keep myself safe from any possible harm.

The door security alarm which I discovered is a handy and compact shock sensor alarm that requires no installation whatsoever. All I need to do is hang it on a doorknob and it will quickly sense vibration. When the alarm is triggered it will give off a 98dB alert for 20 to 30 seconds.

I dont need to worry about the alarms sensitivity because it can be changed using a mere screwdriver conveniently. In addition to working as an alarm the unit can be utilized as an area light when switched to the light option.

Other than being utilized for traveling door safety alarms can be utilized in a home or office. Essentially I could utilize it anywhere I need to in order that I could protect myself from any possible attackers.

The most important thing is that I will be informed if another person was trying to get into my hotel room and so would others around me. This can be the best way for me to stay unharmed throughout my different business travels every month.

Chancing upon a Door Guard alarm definitely helped me see the various ways that I can stay safe while on a trip. My safety matters to me more than anything so it is essential that I have protection wherever I go.

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